Results - Urban Uplands

Stormwater runoff from the Urban Uplands accounts for 72 percent of the total fine sediment particle load, 38 percent of the total phosphorus load, and 16 percent of the total nitrogen load entering Lake Tahoe. Urban Implementers reduce pollutant loads by implementing pollutant and hydrologic source controls (such as street sweeping and infiltration of runoff), stormwater treatment facilities (like cartridge filters), and parcel-level BMP retrofits.

Urban Implementers document and report load reduction activities through the Lake Clarity Crediting Program which provides the standardized tools and protocols to consistently and transparently estimate, account, and report accomplishments. Lake Clarity Credit (credit) targets define load reduction milestones in California stormwater permits and Nevada interlocal agreements. The 2016 credit targets define a 10% fine sediment particle load reduction. Use the map and check boxes below to see the achievements relative to targets for each jurisdiction, state and basinwide. Use the drop down menu to view load reduction results by pollutant and future credit targets.


Further detail and discussion of accomplishments is presented in the 2017 Performance Report.


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