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The Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a science-based plan to restore Lake Tahoe's famous clarity. One of the most robust efforts of its kind, the Lake Tahoe TMDL was initiated to better understand the causes of clarity loss, determine how much pollution needs to be reduced and develop a sensible implementation approach that is capable of reinstating historic clarity within the lake. The Lake Tahoe TMDL Program seeks to guide the effective implementation of the TMDL so that people may once again be able to see to depths of nearly 100 feet in Lake Tahoe.


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The TMDL Online Interface is the central hub for information related to the Lake Tahoe TMDL Program. The About pages provide an overview of the Lake Tahoe TMDL and the TMDL Management System and access to related documents. The Results pages describe the status of pollutant load reduction efforts for various sources. The Resources pages include access to new scientific and technical information influencing restoration efforts, a form for stakeholders to provide input on TMDL processes and products, and tools for implementers to target and report their actions.

News & Announcements

2017 Program Assessment & Decisions Documents Now Available

NDEP and the Water Board are happy to release the annual, end of year... More

Stakeholder Feedback Requested

The TMDL Management Agencies are seeking feedback on two draft program documents... More

2017 Performance Report Now Available

The Lake Tahoe TMDL Program 2017 Performance Report finds implementation through 2016 exceeded the first five-year milestone... More

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