The TMDL Management System

Achieving the Lake Tahoe TMDL lake clarity goal of 97.4 feet is anticipated to require 65 years. To ensure implementation proceeds efficiently, it is essential that the Lake Tahoe TMDL Program has a formal process to enable programmatic and/or policy adjustments. Adjustments may be triggered by changing political or economic environments, new scientific findings, input from TMDL stakeholders, or an unforeseen future condition caused by climatic, geologic or wildfire events.


The TMDL Management System is a coordinated set of procedures that enable effective and transparent adaptive management of Lake Tahoe TMDL implementation. These procedures enable TMDL Program Managers to consistently report program accomplishments, identify and better respond to challenges and act on relevant research findings or technical information that warrant program or policy adjustments.


Stakeholder engagement and interaction is critical for the success of the TMDL Management System. Stakeholders, including regulators, funders, implementers and scientists all play an important role in providing input and reviewing key products related to the TMDL Management System. This site is an important component of TMDL management. It provides a venue for TMDL Program Managers to interact with stakeholders by reporting TMDL Program progress, sharing important documents and circulating information and gathering input from stakeholders.


View TMDL Management System Documents - including the Synthesis of Findings & Program Adjustment Recommendation Memo  and the TMDL Program Performance Report.