State of Nevada Conservation Credit System

The Conservation Credit System (Credit System) is an innovative approach to greater sage-grouse habitat protection that ensures habitat impacts from anthropogenic disturbances are fully compensated by long-term enhancement and protection of habitat that results in a net benefit for the species, while allowing appropriate anthropogenic disturbances that are vital to the Nevada economy and the Nevada way of life. The Credit System creates new incentives 1) to avoid and minimize impacts from anthropogenic disturbances to important species habitat, and 2) for private landowners and public land managers to preserve, enhance, and restore habitat, while reducing threats to important habitat for the species. 
















The Credit System is a performance-driven and market-based approach to species conservation that quantifies benefits from enhancement and protection of habitat (credits) and negative impacts to habitat from anthropogenic disturbances (debits), operationalizes market transactions, and reports net benefit from all transactions processed by the Credit System. The Credit System establishes the policy, operations and tools necessary to facilitate more effective and efficient conservation investments. The Credit System is intended to provide regulatory certainty for industries by fulfilling compensatory mitigation needs whether or not the species is listed under the Endangered Species Act.

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News & Announcements

Sagebrush Ecosystem Council Adopts 2016 Improvement Recommendations

The adoption of these Improvement Recommendations concludes the Credit System's second round of successful adaptive management. More

Improvements to the Credit System will be reviewed for adoption by SEC on March 3rd

The 2016 Findings & Improvement Recommendations Report has been published, and the recommended improvements will be considered for adoption at the March 3, 2017 SEC meeting. More

11 landowners submitted Letters of Interest to generate credits using state seed-funding

In November, the State announced another $1,200,000 to seed-fund credit projects, and 11 potential credit developers submitted Letters of Interest. More

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Learning How a Family Owned and Operated Ranch in Northeast Nevada Generated Potential Credits as a Part of a Pilot Project



 If you are a landowner or other party interested in developing credits we encourage you to get involved by contacting:

          Kelly McGowan

          (775) 684-8600