How to Generate Credits

The steps below describe the process for generating credits through the Nevada Conservation Credit System. Use the links below to download the form(s) necessary to complete each step. For questions regarding this process, email Kelly McGowan



Submit Validation Checklist

Complete the checklist and email to The checklist helps the SETT confirm that

the project will meet minimum eligibility requirements.






The SETT will review the checklist and, if minimum eligibility requirements are met, issue a Notice of Validation





Submit Draft Management Plan

Complete sections I through III of the Management Plan and email to The

Management Plan allows the SETT to provide guidance on project design before investing in habitat assessment.

The remainder of the Management Plan will be completed after the SETT conducts a habitat assessment using the Credit System User's Guide and the Credit Project Calculator.




The SETT will review the Management Plan and complete a desktop analysis of the proposed project using the Credit System User's Guide and the Credit Project Calculator. The desktop analysis provides information on the potential habitat quality of the project area. The SETT will share the results of the desktop analysis and provide comments on the draft Management Plan, including recommendations related to restoration, enhancement or long-term stewardship actions. The SETT will meet with the Credit Developer to discuss if needed. 





Complete Habitat Assessment

After addressing any comments provided by the SETT on the draft Management Plan, contact Kelly McGowan at to schedule a field analysis for the project area. 





The SETT, or certified verifier, will complete the field analysis using the Credit System User's Guide and the Credit Project Calculator. The SETT or certified verifier

must complete the field analysis even if the Credit Developer has already done so, in order for credits to be officially released.





Finalize Management Plan and Sign Participant Contract 

Working with the SETT, complete sections IV through VI of the Management Plan and fill in the Participant Contract. Once all

parties agree to the terms in the Management Plan and Participant Contract, the documents are signed and credits are released

and ready for sale.




The SETT will set up an account for the Credit Developer and deposit all released credits into the account. Additional credit

releases will be deposited into the Credit Developer’s account once performance measures defined in the Management Plan

are met.





Sell Credits!

The Credit Developer may work with the SETT, or independently, to identify a credit buyer. A Credit Purchase Agreement

must be signed by both parties and a Credit Transfer Form must be submitted to Kelly McGowan ( to sell credits.