How to Acquire Credits

The steps below describe the process for aquiring credits through the Nevada Conservation Credit System. Use the links below to download the form(s) necessary to complete each step. For questions regarding this process, email Kelly McGowan (


NOTE: The forms and templates referenced below may be revised at any time. The links below will be updated as soon as revisions are available.



Submit Section I. Project Information of the Debit Project Review Form

To permit a project within the Sage-Grouse Management Area, the permitting authority will direct the Credit Buyer to consult with the SETT. Download and complete Section I. Project Information and submit to the SETT by emailing to begin the consultation process.








The SETT will review the project information and schedule a consultation. During the consultation, avoidance and minimization recommendations will be recorded in

Section II. Avoidance & Minimization Recommendations of the Debit Project Review Form.








Complete Habitat Assessment

After addressing the avoidance and minimization recommendations provided by the SETT, contact Kelly McGowan at to schedule a habitat assessment for the project area.








The SETT, or a certified verifier, will complete the habitat assessment using the Credit System User’s Guide and the Debit Project Calculator. The SETT will inform the Credit Buyer of the number of debits associated with the project and documented in Section III. Debit Disclosure Summary of the Debit Project Review Form.









Purchase Credits (if applicable)

The Credit Buyer may work with the SETT, or independently, to identify a Credit Developer. A Credit Purchase Agreement must be signed by both parties. The Credit Developer will notify the SETT of the number of credits transferred to the Credit Buyer using the Credit Transfer Form.









Finalize and Sign the Debit Project Review Form

Record the credits transferred to fulfill the credit obligation of the project in Section IV. Credit Fulfillment Summary and sign the Debit Project Review Form.










The SETT will review the completed form and deposit credits from the Credit Developer’s account into the Credit Buyer’s account. The SETT will then sign and return the form.









Submit the Signed Debit Project Review Form to the Permitting Authority.