BLM permittee proposes to use the Credit System

On June 24, 2016, BLM released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Bald Mountain Mine North and South Operations Area Projects (Bald Mountain Project). In the FEIS, as reported by the Elko Daily Free Press, the project proponent, Kinross Mining Inc., proposes to purchasing between 5,251 and 6,039 credits from the Credit System within 6 months of the credits being available. The proposal to use the Credit System would become final through the anticipated Record of Decision.


The Bald Mountain Project is the first FEIS to include the use of the Credit System to offset unavoidable impacts, and verified conservation credits may be used to offset those impacts as early as the fall of 2016. The inclusion of the Credit System in the Bald Mountain Project FEIS is an important signal that the Credit System is a mitigation solution that works for both BLM and permittees.


Other permittees are working with BLM to potentially use the Credit System to offset their impacts when their disturbances are proven unavoidable, and minimization does not provide for complete direct or indirect impact avoidance. The State of Nevada is excited to facilitate more high quality and durable conservation for the greater sage-grouse using the Credit System.