Pilot projects are well on their way!

The SETT spent two weeks in the field this summer at the Boies Ranch in Northeast Elko County collecting field data in order to estimate the credits that could be generated by developing a credit project on the ranch. This field data is necessary to estimate the site-scale habitat function using the Credit System. Once the HQT scores are estimated, a case study will be published to describe a real potential credit project to interested stakeholders. 

During the visit in June, the SETT met up with local BLM and FWS staff, neighboring landowners, and BLM Director Neil Kornze.  They showed them how the HQT methods work and explained how it quantifies sage-grouse habitat function.  Neil Kornze stated that he was “excited to see this in action and that Nevada was leading the way for other western states in this charge”. 


The SETT is also currently piloting other potential credit projects with private land owners as well as debit projects with industry in order to gain a better understanding of and identify potential improvements to the Credit System.