Funds Available through the Greater Outcomes for Greater Sage Grouse RCPP for Agricultural Producers Interested in the CCS for Conservation Projects that Protect/Improve Sage Grouse Habitat

Apply now with NRCS for Technical and/or Financial Assistance and the Potential Opportunity to Generate CCS Credits.


The Sagebrush Ecosystem Program (SEP), in coordination with several partners including NRCS, is seeking producers interested in receiving financial and technical assistance through RCPP and also developing credits in the Nevada Conservation Credit System (CCS). This is a tremendous opportunity to implement valuable conservation practices that address landowner needs and the needs of sage-grouse and to generate sellable credits that could further enhance a landowners long-term goals of preserving working lands for future generations.


These RCPP funds were awarded to the State through a regional competitive grant process.  Awardees are encouraged to contribute 5.15% of their awarded cost-share to allow the State’s partners to fulfill prior commitments to meet NRCS reporting requirements.  In return for this contribution, the State intends to assist producers in making projects CCS ready by offering the following services:

•Staff assistance in the development of CCS management plans. 

•Staff assistance in CCS annual monitoring and annual reporting efforts for a 5 year period.

* Staff assistance may also be available to assist with the Habitat Quantification Tool (HQT) assessment to determine pre-project habitat function and CCS credit potential.  



•Cost-shared Conservation Practices

•Technical Assistance in Conservation Planning

•Assistance  in Conducting a Habitat Assessment

•Reduced Costs in Developing a Management Plan Related to the CCS

•Annual Monitoring Assistance

•Credits that can be sold by applicant


For a chance to receive these benefits:

•Fill out a CCS Credit Site Validation Checklist with the RCPP Addendum for the potential project for the Sagebrush Ecosystem Technical Team (SETT) and have a credit estimate completed to assess credit potential.  These are necessary prior to the application deadline.

•Ensure the HQT is completed prior to implementing on-the-ground practices to be reimbursed with Federal funds to reduce the potential for additionality issues within the CCS. 

•Attend the RCPP workshop and make project information available to the State and its partners. 

•Assist CD staff in developing a CCS management plan and implement it for at least a period of five years with verification to ensure habitat is maintained and/or improved. 


To apply, please fill out a Site Validation Checklist with RCPP Addendum (located under "Documents -> Other" on this site), and submit it and any required documents to Dan Huser (dhuser@sagebrusheco.nv.gov) with the SETT. Then enroll in the Greater Outcomes for Greater Sage Grouse RCPP Funding Effort at your local NRCS office.


Applications must be received before 4 p.m. on February 16, 2018 by NRCS to be considered in the project funding period.  


Review this website further for more information on the NV CCS, or visit www.sagebrusheco.nv.gov


For more information on working with the State through the RCPP Process, contact Dan Huser of the  Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Technical Team at dhuser@sagebrusheco.nv.gov  or (775) 684-8600 x22 or see the FAQ located in the "Documents" section of this site.