First ever CCS credit transaction to fulfill mitigation obligation signed!

On November 9, 2017, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Kinross Gold Corporation completed the first sage-grouse credit transaction through the CCS. A significant milestone for implementation of the CCS. The credit project enhances and protects nearly 10,000 acres of high quality sage-grouse habitat in northeast Nevada. This first sage-grouse transaction sets a precedent and will make the process more efficient for landowners and industry to participate in the CCS in the future.


Kinross participated in the CCS program to meet its voluntary compensatory mitigation obligations to offset potential sage-grouse effects due to its mining activities at its Bald Mountain gold mine in northeast Nevada. Kinross enrolled the company’s privately-owned ranch, Tumbling JR, into the CCS program to enhance and protect almost 10,000 acres of sage-grouse habitat that support their entire life cycle near several leks. The project includes limiting new disturbance and infrastructure on the property, prohibiting conversion of the properties from rangeland to cropland, implementing enhancement practices and grazing management plans to preserve and conserve sage-grouse habitat.


“The long-term preservation and maintenance of these mesic habitat types is of significant importance to sage-grouse and other wildlife in the area,” said Kelly McGowan, Program Manager for the Sagebrush Ecosystem Program. “I want to thank Kinross for being such a collaborative partner in the first Nevada CCS transaction.”


The transaction reflects 4,177 credits generated. Of that total, 2,514 credits were transferred to offset near-term mining expansion plans. Kinross may use the remaining credits to offset future mining expansion. For additional detail on the credit transaction and other credit projects under development, check out the Program Net Benefit Results, Credit Development, Debits Mitigated and Reserve Account Use and Balance pages.