Sagebrush Ecosystem Council Adopts 2016 Improvement Recommendations

Adapting well-supported improvements is key to the long-term success of the Nevada Conservation Credit System. Each year, the Sagebrush Ecosystem Technical Team (SETT) synthesizes findings and improvement recommendations related to Credit System operations, achievements, and challenges, along with any new science relevant to the Credit System. This year’s findings and improvement recommendations are documented in the 2016 Findings and Improvement Recommendations Report.


The Sagebrush Ecosystem Council (SEC) considered 14 Improvement Recommendations at the January 26 and March 3, 2017 meetings. Of the 14 considered, 13 of the Improvement Recommendations were adopted, with the exception being the proposed change to indirect effects weights/distances for powerlines (refer to Improvement 3 in the Report). The adoption of these Improvement Recommendations concludes the Credit System’s second round of successful adaptive management, and demonstrates the value of the continual improvement process in ensuring progress toward the Credit System’s goal of creating net benefit for greater sage-grouse habitats in the State of Nevada.